Are you in the market to buy TV panels? You must get confused about knowing the versions and different feature options. If choosing the best one is getting difficult for you, then you must take a deep breath as this is going to be resolved in the coming time. 

In this blog, we are coming up with a head-to-head comparison between vertical alignment and in-plane alignment panels. Which one is best? Which will be worth your money? Which panel will give you top-notch picture quality? If these questions are jumbling in your head, then you just must read this guide all the way through its conclusion and know what is best for you.

What Are IPS Panels?

What Are IPS Panels?

So, what is ips? In-plane switching panels are the panels that work aligning horizontally with the screen when met with voltage. These are the most common types of panels for LCD TVs. Well, all the LCD & LED work with liquid crystals that start producing video content on glass subtract when it gets touched with voltage. Nowadays, most manufacturers don’t use this technique as many innovations have been done in time.  With the IPS technology, one can have a wider viewing angle as the horizontal alignment works parallelly with the glass. Well, IPS panels are good for gaming. Hence, TVs that are composed of IPS panels are the best gaming TVs.

If you are many members in the family, then having this panel on your TV would be a great choice, whereas if you are a movie buff, then you won’t really enjoy watching movies with these panels. But why? Well, These IPS panels don’t cover dark colors with much efficiency. Hence, the alignment of your entertainment will get disturbed as in most parts of the movie, such as the secrets that are veiled in dark colors. Let’s check what IPS is through its pros and cons section to get more into the rabbit hole.


  • Better colors.
  • Incredible Viewing angles.
  • Response time is good.


  • Less contrast proportion.
  • Dark colors don’t show up perfectly.
  • Light leakage problem.

What Are VA Panels?

VA Panels

Vertical Alignment panels are a bit different from IPS. The only difference between IPS and VA is that VA works with vertically aligned liquid crystals when they meet with voltage. Moreover, they run perpendicularly to the glass subordinate. But this only difference serves a way different picture quality with enhanced color ratio, viewing angles, and better lighting. TVs consisting of VA panels are the best TVs for movies.

VA technology tilts the crystal to pass the LED light to the glass surface; hence the output that comes in front of you is better than any other panel. This technology world well in darker lighting areas too. Furthermore, more innovative level has come up in the world that are able to resolute its weaker points. The intensity of its dark color is quite higher; hence the image quality of light color comes up with more brightness. You have got the idea about “what does VA stand for.” Now, let’s check all the pros and cons of VA panels in the below pointers.


  • Good shadow detailings.
  • Good color contrast.
  • No light leaking issue.


  • Viewing angles are not top-notch.

One To One Comparison: VA vs IPS Panels

ips vs va

To make the comparison more justifiable and worth reading, here we are coming up with one on one comparison between IPS vs VA. Our experts have found some major key aspects or factors, and on the basis of them, we can actually know which is better and worth buying. Let’s check that out on the basis of factors. 

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is very important when it comes to watching a movie. Well, our experts have made this a factor for judging VA vs IPS panels. According to our experts, the contrast ratio of vertical alignment panels is much better than the IPS one. Why are we saying this? Because VA bypasses all the lighting by tilting its crystals a bit; hence, the output comes with some extra coloring effect. When comparing OLED vs 4k, OLED has better picture quality as well.

The black color or any darker color won’t appear much soothing with the in-plain alignment panel. 

However, vertical alignment shows the perfect coloring effect by making a dark color darker. Hence the bright color will appear brighter, and the output will become more enhanced. Thus, vertical alignment panels are the winner in this aspect.

Wide Viewing Angle

Another aspect for which you can know which of the VA panel vs IPS panel is better. Wide viewing range is the measure of the angle through which you can watch your TV without compromising the colors and text coming on it: the more the angle measurement, the more the viewing capacity. If you are living in a house of 5 or 6 people, then you must look for a wide viewing angle. The biggest TV sizes are most appropriate for bigger rooms if they provide you with a wider angle.

Hence, from our battling panels IPS  vs VA panel, IPS got the winning platform as it serves a wider angle range for viewing. However, vertical alignment doesn’t provide you with a wider angle; hence you will not be able to watch it from all the parts of your room.  

Screen Markings

Screen markings and retention is the problem usually faced by the TV screen that you wish to avoid. It is the static state of the video that can disturb you if you are in the middle of your favorite movie. If we talk about the battle between VA vs IPS monitors, then the vertical alignment panel is far better than the in-plane alignment panel.

Why are we saying this? VA panels are better because they are more aligned with the glass; hence they don’t create light leaking things. Moreover, VA doesn’t support burn in retentions and serves as a way enhanced quality. 

Image Quality

Image quality is another important aspect that can trigger your preference or choosing the best VA panel vs IPS. Well, Image quality is all that a normal person wants to be high-end. If you are not much aware of the technology, then you just ask for high-end picture quality in your TV from the retailer. But what panel will really give you a high-end picture quality?

Well, the Vertical alignment panel is the only panel that will give you perfect picture quality as it does not have a light leakage problem, and its liquid crystals met the voltage, and then they made a perpendicular alignment to the glass subordinate. Hence, The VA panel has got the first position this time as well. 

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the rate at which your screen or monitor refreshes its graphics. The refresh rate of any monitor should be higher. Thus, it can provide you with top image quality. Well, both of the panels provide you with a good refresh rate, but IPS has got the winning platform this time. Let’s see why.

IPS is capable of providing a 500hz rate for refreshing the screen. On the other hand, VA is not even capable of providing even its half refresh rate. Vertical alignment offers a rate of approx 150hz to 165hz, which is not enough for a 3D movie you may want to enjoy. 

Which One is Best?

Well, You have seen a perfect and justified one on one comparison of VA vs IPS. You must be able to figure out what type of panel is better for you. In our opinion, vertical alignment is perfect for you only if you don’t have a large carpet area in your drawing room, or wherever you want to mount your television. With these panels, you can have better picture quality and color contrast.

On the other hand, in-plane alignment comes with less picture quality and light leaking problems but gives you a wider angle. Hence, you will have to choose the panel as per your needs. Both the panels, IPS vs VA, have their own qualities and specifications. It all depends on what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Why is the IPS panel more expensive than VA?

Ans. IPS panels have too much to offer. IPS panels provide you with high contrast options, dark color dimming options, and much more picture quality advancement. On the other hand, VA only offers a wide-angle watching range; hence the IPS panel is expensive.

Q2. Which panel type is best for eyes?

Ans. VA panel vs IPS is the most profound battle when it comes to choosing the best panel for the eyes and for watching movies. You can use an IPS panel for a more soothing experience. It gives you a perfect output with proper color contrasts and dimming lights.

Q3. Is VA or IPS better for gaming?

Ans. Yes, VA and IPS are better for gaming and watching movies. Both panels give extraordinary picture quality. Well, both of these are best for movies, but you can use them for your gaming sessions as well. Hence, it is best for gaming too. Hence, in the battle  IPS vs VA for gaming, both panels are good.


If you are going to buy panels for your TV, then this guide is what you need. Well, this guide contains everything about the monitor screen panel. We have given a head-to-head comparison between IPS vs VA panels. We hope that you understood all the different purposes it serves, in terms of picture quality. Although both the panels are good, the better one is just an outcome of developing technology. You can buy any one of them. If you still have any queries, then you can connect us anytime.