QLED vs UHD TV: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Differences and Choosing the Right TV


Purchasing a TV is a big investment, so, it is very important to buy the right one. These days, there are so many brands, technologies, and advancements in the television market, that choosing the right one can be really confusing for you. When it comes to TVs, UHDs, and QLEDs are one of the most popular and historically successful technologies. In this article, we will discuss the difference between QLED Vs UHD TVs. We will also help you decide which TV would be better for you. So, are you ready to know about it? Let’s dive deeper into it.  

What is QLED?

You must be wondering what is QLED TV? The term QLED basically stands for Quantum Light Emitting Diode. This is a new technology that was introduced in the market by Samsung R&D. Through this technology, quantum dots emit colors on the TV screen. This enhances the overall picture quality that you see on the TV screen.

It is a better and more advanced version of LEDs and LCDs. Because, in LEDs and LCDs, only white light is passed through the liquid crystal screen to create the overall image that you see on the TV screen. On the other hand, in QLED, blue light go through quantum dots, resulting in fast color change and better picture quality. 

Class QN100B Neo QLED Smart TV

Screen Size 98 inches
Brand Samsung
Display Technology QLED
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Resolution 4K
Model Name QN100B Neo


What is UHD? 

Now coming to UHD, UHD stands for Ultra High Definition. In simple terms, it is just the better version of HD. UHD television sets are also known as 4K TVs because they are 4 times better than the normal HD TV with 1080 pixels. Consumers Electronics Association of America introduced UHD in the market in the year 2012. 

Moreover, UHD technology has become even more improved now that some brands have launched TVs with 8K resolution. This means that they are 8 times better than 1080-pixel TVs. Some brands might mention QLED TVs as UHD TVs as well, simply because Ultra high definition is not the name of any particular technology but just the kind of images that you see on your TV screen. Now that we have a general idea about this, let’s take a look at UHD Vs QLED.

Seura Full Sun Series UHD HDR Weatherproof LED TV

Screen Size 65 inches
Brand Séura
Display Technology LED
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Resolution 4K
Model Name UB4-65 UHD

QLED Vs UHD: Major Differences

In the TV market, a big QLED Vs UHD is going on, and everyone wants to know which TV is better UHD Vs QLED. We are going to compare these TV on the basis of specific features. Let’s find out the difference between them: 

1. Technology

When it comes to technology, among QLED Vs UHD, QLED has the upper hand. Because in QLED, a whole new technology is there, whereas UHD is just an improvement or upgradation to HD. In QLED, different lights emit through the tiny quantum dots, resulting in better picture quality and super fast color changing. 

Whereas in UHD, only a single white light emits through the screen, which has a high resolution, but there are no major changes with the old HD technology.  Though along with 4K resolution, now 8K UHD resolution TVs are also out in the market. 

2. Resolution and Visual Quality 

It is very difficult to decide between QLED Vs crystal UHD, which TV offers better resolution and visual quality because both the TVs focus on different things. Where QLED mainly works on vividity, brightness, and color enhancement of the picture, UHD works on things like quality, sharpness, and clarity of the picture, which results in more real-like pictures on the screen. Hence, QLED technology is good for the best movie TVs. 

3. Price 

The pricing of UHD vs QLED TVs would totally depend on the brand. If you go for a 4K UHD TV, you will get it at a lower price But when it comes to 8K UHD and QLED TVs, the price would be almost similar. Although, if your main priority is the quality of the images you see on the screen and the lifespan of your TV then you can go with a TV that comes with both the technologies, QLED as well as UHD. 

4. Response Time 

The response time of a TV means the time it takes in changing the color and pictures on the screen. The response time of UHD TVs is better than that of QLED TVs. So if you like to watch fast racing movies or action movies with a high pace, then a UHD TV would be a better option for you. 

5. Energy Efficiency 

Talking about energy efficiency, both UHD Vs QLED fall in the same category. Both consume almost similar amounts of energy. In UHD TVs, the brightness control system helps in saving energy whereas, in QLEDs, the quantum dot system helps in saving energy. 

6. Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming, it totally depends on the priorities of the games. If you play action games and need a fast-paced screen then you can go with UHD. But if your priorities are color and brightness, then you can go with a QLED screen.  Also, this is teh best technology used in best gaming TVs. If your budget is high then you can also go with a TV that has both QLED as well as UHD technology. 

Which TV Should You Buy? QLED vs UHD

Again, among QLED vs UHD, it totally depends on your priorities. If you want a TV that is good with the resolution, response time, quality, sharpness and clarity then a UHD TV would be better for you. Whereas, if you want a TV with good vividness, brightness, and color enhancement then a QLED TV would be a better option for you. However, if your budget is not a restriction for you then you can get a TV that has both QLED and UHD in it. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Is QLED worth it?

Ans. Yes, QLED TVs are totally worth it. They are the newest in the market and have unmatchable color enhancement and brightness. Although, if you are skeptical, you can also look for QHD vs UHD TVs or ULED vs QLED pictures. 

Q2. What is QLED?

Ans. QLED stands for Quantum Light Emitted Diode. In a QLED TV, there are various tiny quantum dots and a blue light emits through them to show bright images on the screen. QLED TVs are a bit more expensive than UHD TVs. 

Q3. What’s the difference between OLED and QLED? 

Ans. The main difference between OLED and QLED TVs is that, in OLED TVs, organic materials emit the light and show images on the screen, whereas in QLED TVs, quantum dots emit the light, which results in an overall better picture quality. 

Q4. Which is better in QHD vs 4K? 

Ans. QHD or Quad High Definition is 2 times better than Full HD (1080P) whereas 4K or Ultra High Definition is 4 times better than Full HD (1080P). So overall, 4K offers better picture quality than QHD or 2K. 

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