Do you love to play video games for hours but are worried about the damage it brings to your eyes? Well, what if we say it can be resolved, and you can play your games truly for hours without causing any harm to your eyes? This can be a top-of-the-world feeling for an avid gamer. However, this is possible with advanced display technology. With OLED gaming monitors, you can literally play for hours without consuming your eyes much.

But which OLED TV is perfect for you and will be worth your money? LG OLED TV can be the option for you for sure. LG is the most trusted company for so many years, providing you with the best of the latest technology. Let’s check the LG OLED monitor review and features discussed in the following lines and know whether it is accurate for your needs or not.

What is OLED Technology?

lg oled computer monitor

OLED technology is a new and advanced technology of the modern world to depict the real colors of the world. It works with blue light emission technology to soothe the viewer’s eyes. One can simply enjoy watching for hours and playing games with OLED display technology without harming the eyes. Organic lighting diode is a technology that works with LED lighting by providing them the organic molecules. This technology enables a perfect pixel and employs perfect dark coloring. Through this technology, you can achieve the most out of your TV or gaming monitor.

Brief About LG OLED Monitor

LG is a brand that has been trusted for so many years and by so many users around the world. This brand has innovated OLED technology to power up the homely theater experience of the consumer, and LG is the brand that introduced OLED display technology for gaming monitors.  LG OLED gaming monitor is the first gaming monitor in the world that consists of OLED technology. With an incredible refresh rate, compatible syncing power, and revolutionary picture quality, it gives you a live gaming experience if played with the perfect soundbars. 

It comes with a lot of features to upgrade your gaming experience. Its curved display provides you with the perfect lively gameplay. It has an adjustable screen feature, 2 post-HDMI cables, and more. All in all, it provides a wide array of features, but one commendable thing is it promotes OLED technology in gaming monitors that no other brand has ever tried for its users. Let’s check its one-on-one features, pros, and cons to know better about the LG OLED PC monitor.

Features of LG OLED Computer Monitor

  • Refresh rate: 240hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 1.5M:1 
  • Response Time: Great 0.03ms (GtG)
  • Special Features: Adjustable Monitor, Anti-Glare Screen 
  • Headphone: DTS 
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 2560 x 1440
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount


  • Outstanding clarity and quality
  • Smooth visuals for 3D gameplay
  • The perfect dimming technique used to lighten graphics


  • Brightness is less but perfect for no-light rooms
  • USB-C is missing

Expert’s Review On LG OLED PC Monitor

As per the industry experts in the field of electronics and gadgets, LG OLED has become one of the most popular gaming monitors, whether we talk about 45-inch size or 27-inch size. Both sizes have their own consumer market. The fact is that both comprise the same features and specialties. Therefore, we have divided this section into four major aspects through which our experts have reviewed the product. This break down surely will help you to have a better understanding of the review of the product.

lg oled gaming monitor

  • Curved Screen For Perfect Immersion: The 45-inch sized screen provides you with the perfect immersion of any 3D game. Well, a 27-inch screen won’t provide you with the immersion a 45-inch provides as it is a small-sized screen. Moreover, both of the products are reliable and certified by CES 2023. Thus, the CES LG monitor is all that you need.
  • Ultra Gear Contrast Ratio: The contrast ratio provided by the LG OLED monitor 4k comes with an exceptional feature of contrasting colors. OLED display technology enables perfect coloring; it darks the dark color, which optimizes the brightness of light color and gives you a perfect blend of color contrast.
  • 240hz Refresh Rate: The refresh rate is something that one must check whenever you go to buy a TV.  In the case of an LG 4k OLED monitor, you are not required to worry as this provides you with the perfect refresh rate; the rate is 240z. This rate is more than enough if you are going to use the monitor for movie use and any other work. For gaming things, this rate is also good. It will enable you to play games with higher frame rates.  
  • 0.03MS GTG  Response Time: Response time is another factor that you must know as a good response time will enable you to use the OLED monitors for efficient gameplay. This monitor offers a perfect response time that is 0.03 ms, this enables a fast response from your gaming monitor, and hence this feature makes it the best OLED TV.
  • Sync Technology: Sync technology is truly commendable. If you want to perform a sync with G-sync, then you can d sp. Moreover, it offers syncing facility through free sync premium, VESA adaptive sync, etc. It features a four-port connectivity for soundbars and enables X sound system.

All in all, this gaming PC is good for you if you are a game fanatic. This OLED screen would be the perfect fit for every gamer, and you can also enjoy movies on it. If you are a movie fanatic too, then you must go for a larger size; you can choose any best 85-inch TV. Moreover, its 25-inch will give you the perfect immersion in 3D games. 

Is LG OLED Gaming Monitor Worth Buying?

Yes, OLED monitors are worth buying as they provide you with many features, including a high refresh rate, good picture quality, and minimal response time. Our experts have also evaluated this gaming monitor in varied aspects and concluded that it is the best gaming TV around; you must have read that section. Further, it doesn’t cost much, and its mediocre range allows middle-class consumers to buy this. Hence, it is a perfect fit for you, too, if you are an avid gamer. LG CES monitors are truly out of the box and well worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there an OLED 240Hz monitor?

Yes, OLED 240Hz is a gaming monitor providing you with the best display technology and picture quality. It works on OLED technology and has the best pixel coloring for its pixels and images. 

Q2. Is LG 240Hz good?

No doubt, if you are an avid gamer and looking for a PC with a lively gaming experience, this PC is everything you need. Its curved display and vivid color features add more to your lively gameplay.  

Q3. Is 240Hz LCD better than 120Hz OLED?

Yes, 240hz is the refresh rate provided by the LCD. A higher refresh rate enables you to use your PC with different potentials. However, OLED technology would enable your screen to produce higher picture quality. For your information, 60hz is the standard refresh rate television requires. This means that OLED provides you with more than the standard refresh rate. Hence, both models are good to go.


Choosing a perfect gaming monitor can be really difficult for someone inexperienced in technical aspects. With this guide on the LG OLED monitor, your confusion will be rectified easily. In the above guide, we have given you full-fledged information about the LG OLED gaming monitor. From its features, pros, and cons to expert reviews, we have covered all of it in a concise and precise way. I hope we were able to clear all of your confusion about the concerned model. If you still have any queries, you can connect with us anytime.