6 Easy Steps To Clean TV Screen Without Harming It

how to clean tv screen

Have you also purchased a high-end expensive TV? And are confused about how to clean it without harming it? Well, this guide has so much to offer you and to take out of the problem. In this guide, we have compiled the best way through which you can clean your TV screen without propelling it to damage.

In this guide, we are coming up with five easy steps processes for cleaning the TV screen, along with the easiest process of cleaning the remote control that is more prone to spreading germs. Hence, you just need to read the article all the way through its conclusion ad get your TV screen clean and clear. 

How Often Should You Clean a TV Screen?

You must clean your TV screen once a week. It is important to keep your TV screen clean all the time to have a clear picture of what you are watching. Unnecessary smudges, dust, and fingerprints on the TV screen can impact your picture quality. Well, a cleaned TV can have a drastic effect on the transformation of the picture quality. Thus, you must keep your TV screen clean once weekly. 

What You’ll Need

Here’s a list that you must be aware of. If you are too looking for the best way to clean your TV, then this is a section you can not skip. This section consists of all the tools and resources you need to clean your TV easily. Arrange them, and then you will all be set to start the process of how to clean a flat TV screen or TV screen of 65 inches.

A Microfibre Cloth

A microfiber cloth is a cloth that is super soft. This way, you can eliminate the chance of ending up scratching your screen. This is a common piece of cloth that most people use for wiping their eyeglasses.

Disinfecting Wipes

These wipes are quite not popular in the market. But clearing the TV screen with wipes will help you to minimize the chance of harming your screen with liquid disinfectant. These wipes are damp in nature, which will not harm your screen.

Screen Friendly Cleaner

You must use screen-friendly liquid in place of normal disinfectant. As a screen-friendly disinfectant will avoid the chance of harming your TV screen. This way, you will have a more secure experience in cleaning your flat TV screen.

What is the Best Way to Clean a TV Screen?

If you are too jumbled with the question of how to clean a tv screen. Then this section is all that you need. Here we have compiled five easy steps. Following them will give you tremendous results for cleaning a flat TV screen. A clear TV screen will give you high-end picture quality and clarity. This way, you will have a more pleasurable experience of watching your favorite movie or TV show.

1. Power Down 

The very first step to cleaning any kind of TV is powering it off. This way, you will be able to see better the smudges and the dirt on it. Well, if you are looking for a more protective measure, then you can unplug the TV. However, it is not necessary to unplug modern TVs as they are already safe.  

2. Dust the Screen

Now, with the help of any microfibre cloth or a soft cloth, clean all the dust frozen dust on the screen. To avoid any kind of dust and debris from the screen, you must fold the cloth and clean off the dust in a circular motion with a gentle press. A microfibre cloth is a kind of cloth that one use for cleaning eyeglasses. Well, this step is quite easy; you just need to keep in mind a circular motion, and the pressure you acquire should be light.

3. Take Screen Safe Cleaner

If you are seeing removing dust didn’t propel you to the cleaner TV or the screen you expected, then you will need to take a screen-safe cleaner. This will help you to clean the strong marks on your screen. Well, cleaning them will require more effort. You will need to spray the liquid on the dusting cloth. Again you have to avoid harsh clothes for this, too, as harsh cloth can lead you to more dangerous harm; they can damage liquid crystals. 

4. Clean Smudges

The same steps of cleaning off the dust would enable here. You must use a circular motion to clean the smudges with a gentle force. You must not use a fully damped cloth. It will be harsh on your flat screen. You must use a lightly damp cloth that too be done separately. You must not spray the liquid directly on the screen as if the liquid goes directly into the screen through the sides of the screen; then, it will propel your TV to greater damage. 

5. Let the Screen Dry

After you are done with the above steps, you must wait for at least 30 minutes, as tech and moisture never mix well. Thus, you must wait and let the screen dry for about 30 minutes. This step would only enable when you have used a liquid cleaner while cleaning. Moreover, you can use a lightly pressured air dryer to clean the inner corner of the screen. This way, the liquid will not get into the screen, and hence you can have a safer cleaning experience. 

How to Clean a TV Remote Control?

When you are done with the process of how to clean a flat screen tv, then you must be thinking of cleaning its remote. If so, then this section is specially crafted for you. We always forget to clean the remote; thus, its keys are muffled up with dust. If you have a toddler at your place, then you must keep everything clean. Hence, a cleaned remote is required. Let’s check how one can clean the remote easily.

For cleaning the keys of the remote then, you must use a tissue, or you can use an air dryer with light air pressure so that all the dust particles and the debris surrounding the keys are on your remote. With the help of a tissue, you must damp it separately with the liquid cleaner and clean it with that damped tissue or a  microfibre cloth. 

One must avoid direct spraying of liquid onto the remote surface as it can propel the remote to malfunction. Moreover, you must start cleaning your remote by removing the batteries and then cleaning it completely. After you get done with the cleaning, you must let it dry for at least 15 minutes and then go to putting batteries in it. 

How to Clean Stubborn Spots off Your TV Screen?

There are various ways through which you can eliminate stubborn spots and marks from your TV screen. Well, stubborn spots are more prominent in kitchen TV sets. You must use an approved screen cleaner to clean your screen and clean the smudges from your screen with that. You can check the above steps to clean the tough stains. Well, if doing it once didn’t show up the result, then you must repeat the same steps, and then the stains will be removed. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning TV Screens

This section consists of some important things that you must not avoid while cleaning your flat TV screen. If you skip these considerations, then you will end up with more dangerous results, such as harming your screen or getting scratched on it. thus you are advised not to avoid even a single step and to keep the following things in mind while cleaning your flat TV screen. Moreover, these measures are prescribed by renowned tech professionals who have worked in the electronic field for so many years.

Cleaning of the Dust First

One must always remove the dust first. Avoiding these steps and jumping directly on the liquid cleaner step will lead to small scratches from that dust particle on your screen. This will degrade the picture quality with time. Hence, you must not avoid cleaning dust first.

Pertaining Too Much Pressure 

Pertaining too much pressure can lead to damage to the liquid crystal present in the screen of your TV. Hence, you are always required to pertain very gentle pressure while cleaning the screen of your TV.

Spraying Directly on the Surface

Spraying directly can mix the moisture with tech, which will propel your screen to damage. As spraying directly on the screen can harm the screen. Maybe the liquid will slip down and the liquid get in the screen, which harms the fundamental mechanism of the screen.

Using Cleaner Too Much

Using too much cleaner can risk mixing up the moisture and the technology. This will lead your screen to flicker and create malfunctioning of your TV. 

Using Normal Dusting Cloth

Using a normal cloth can make your screen scratched. Hence, it is always advised you to use a microfibre cloth for cleaning the TV screen. A microfibre cloth is a cloth that is generally used for cleaning eyeglasses. 

Using Low-Quality Cleaner

Using a low-quality cleaner will enable your TV to run well. As a low-quality cleaner can affect the outer surface of your TV and then will propel it into the liquid crystal of the screen. This way, your TV will be secured. Moreover, you can use a cleanser for OLED TV screens.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What to use to clean the TV screen?

There are various liquids available in the market to clean a TV screen. You can use any liquid to clean the TV screen, but make sure you are using a superior quality liquid cleaner else it will affect your screen crystals.

Q2. How do you clean a flat-screen TV?

Cleaning a flat TV screen will help you to have a way more clear picture quality. Moreover, you can clean your TV screen by wiping the dust first, then spraying the liquid on a microfibre cloth then gently cleansing the screen in a circular motion. 

Q3. What can I spray on my flat-screen tv to clean it?

You can use hot water to clean the screen. Make sure you must not directly hit the water on the screen. Damp a microfibre cloth, not too much with the water, and then clean off the dirt from the screen. Moreover, you can use a liquid disinfectant that is specially designed for TV screens.

Q4. Which cloth should I use to clean my TV screen?

You must use a microfibre cloth to clean the TV screen as a TV screen is sensitive and prime to damage if rubbed with a harsh cloth. So, it is advised to use a soft cloth for cleaning the screen. Moreover, one is always suggested to use a circular motion and a gentle force for cleaning the TV screen.


If you were too jumbled with the question of how to clean TV screen, then this guide must have helped you in every way possible. We have compiled the full-fledged process of cleaning a TV screen as recommended by technical experts. You must perform all five major steps carefully. Moreover, you must not forget about the instruction that we have given. Keep all the instructions in mind while cleaning the screen. If you still have any queries, then you can connect us anytime.

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