The Perfect Guide To Buying The Best TV To Watch Movies (Top 3 Expert’s Pick of 2023)

Best TV To Watch Movies

Are you the one who doesn’t like to go to theatres? If you want to enjoy a theater-like feel from the level of your homely comfort but are confused about what TV set would be best for you, then this blog is especially for you.  Purchasing a TV set can really be overwhelming as there are many models offering lively features. Thus, it gets too difficult for non-technical people to choose the best from the market. 

If you are not much aware of technology and don’t want to get fooled by the vendor, then you must read this article all the way through its conclusion. This blog consists of all the important information one must know before choosing the best TVs for movies. What screen size should you purchase? What resolution? Dimming technique and many more technical aspects, along with the top 3 picks for best TVs for movies by our Experts.   

10 Factors To Consider While Buying TVs For Movies

Watching movies at home can be really exciting, but which TV can really satisfy the need for pleasure that one may want to achieve? Whenever one goes to buy a TV, they may get confused with a bunch of options offering different features and technology. In this section, we are going to examine the top 12 factors through which you can know which Tv is best for you and your family. A TV that is best for movies comes with so many specifications that are difficult to grasp by a normal non-technical person. This is why we have crafted this section for you. 

1. Screen Size

The very first thing that can affect entertainment is the screen size of your Television. For choosing the perfect screen size, you must consider the space of the place where you will going to mount your TV and the number of people who are willing to watch your TV. Last but not least, you must consider your budget. The biggest tv size can suit your need, screen size you can buy under your budget would be 55 inches to 65 inches. Well, screen size matters the most, as if you sit too close to your TV, you will see an individual feature that will diminish the level of entertainment.  Hence you must choose the size as per the area of your room, so you can enjoy the best tv for watching movies.

2. Screen Resolution

Another important aspect that one must look at is the screen resolution whenever you go to buy best tvs for movies. Screen resolution plays an important role in giving the exact pleasure of the movie that one may want to achieve at home. Well, a higher resolution has always been a perfect fit for the picture quality. Higher the screen resolution, the better the image quality. Hence, if you have a good budget, then you must go to buy 4k resolution; it will cost you high but give you better picture quality than HD and full HD. All in all, You can say, in the battle of  HD vs 4k, 4k will be the winner due to its high-end picture quality. 

3. Side Viewing Angles

Side-viewing angles are an important aspect of choosing the best led light color for watching movies, as inappropriate viewing angles can affect your eyes and even increase your stress level. OLEDs are the best fit when it comes to choosing a TV, providing you with the best side viewing angles. 

Most TV shows have a straight, angular view to soothe viewers’ eyes. But with OLEDs, you can experience the difference in pixel lighting, which actually alleviate the experience of watching TV. You must sit double the diagonal length of your Tv within the angle range of 40 degrees to get the most out of your viewing experience. 

4. Color Contrast And HDR

Color and contrast can transform all the bad picture quality into supreme quality. As technology is advancing day by day, hence ultra-modern technology offers HDR features. All the new TV sets offer HDR features. Through HDR, one can get ultra brightness and higher pixels with great color contrasting options. 

If you have a good budget, then you must go to buy an HDR Tv set supporting a Dolby version as the Dolby version is the most high-end version of HDR and gives a perfect screen for watching movies. It may cost you high, but it would be worth trying and can be the best light color for watching movies.

5. Judder 

Judder is a technical term that many people won’t get easier, but you can know about it in easy words. A normal FPS that a theater and your Tv sets offer you to watch is 24. In order to make your movie experience extraordinary, many TV sets apply judder and enhance your FPS rate up to 29 and thirtyish, which makes the video quality shaky. So in our opinion, judder is not a thing that one should ask for while choosing the best TV for movies. You just need to go for a TV that can give you a frame rate of 24 frames in a second. 

6. Black Screen Diffusion

Black screen diffusions are important for watching movies and playing 3d video games. Hence, You just check for the feature of black uniformity, as this can affect the picture quality. Movie scenes are shooted at night and in the dark can get you a bad viewing experience if the colors are not appropriately diffused o your TV screen.  Hence, you must choose a TV that supports black uniformity.

7. Dimming Technique

The dimming technique is another important key thing that can affect picture quality. Through this technique, the darker color will get darker, and the brighter color will get brighter. This way, you can enjoy a better color contrast as compared to the TV, which doesn’t support the color dimming technique. Hence, you must ask for this technical factor while purchasing the best tv for movies.

8. Audio Quality

Tvs are not just limited to picture quality. One must check the audio quality too. If your Tv doesn’t support good audio quality, then there will be no fun in watching your favorite movie. Hence, you will need to connect your TV to an audio speaker device. However, you must check the audio function of the model you are buying. 

You must look for a TV that supports an extra frame size for the sound, and has rear woofers to give you the ultimate watching experience with clear audio while enjoying your favorite shows and cinema on your best tv for watching movies. Moreover, you can choose to buy a separate surround sound system as it will boost the sound quality to supreme.

9. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the rate at which your system refreshes the screen. It is generally expressed in Hertz. The standard rate for this is 60 Hz. Many companies manufacture TV sets that provide you with 120 Hz, which make your video quality look perfect. Hence, you must go for a TV that provides you with at least a 120 Hz refresh rate; otherwise, your video quality will look jittery.   

10.  3D TVs And Smart TVs 

Nowadays, smart TVs are the most common models that everyone is buying. Even though Smart TVs are the only option left, companies no longer manufacture the older version of TV sets. Hence, the only option is a smart TV. Well, you can use Smart tv watch movies option for streaming movies.

Moreover, choosing a 3D TV is completely your choice. If you enjoy watching 3D movies with plastic glasses, then a 3D TV set would be a great choice for you. And if you are someone who doesn’t like 3D things, then it won’t be a great choice for you. 

Top 3 Picks For The Best TVs For Movies

If you are a movie buff and game fanatic, then having a high-end TV in your own home would be the best way out for satisfying your entertainment needs. In the below section, we are coming up with the top 3 models that are ideal for watching movies at home. All of the following models are here on the list because of their incredible features. Our experts have researched and found these three as the best TVs for movies.

1. SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED

Since 1969, Samsung has been in the market, working diligently to keep your visual entertainment alive. Samsung has been a profound name in the market for giving its best results of simplicity combined with technology. This TV set has all the features that we have listed above and falls in the category of best TVs for movies. You can buy this product without even thinking of anything, fear of the quality. It delivers high-end picture quality with OLED display technology. It falls in a mediocre price range, which is definitely gonna suit your budget, If you are thinking of the screen size, then there are multiple options for the screen size that you can try. You can check its features in the below pointers to know this product with more rationality. 


  • Perfect coloring technique
  • This TV is eco friendly
  • Supports solar system
  • Voice assistance
  • Perfect brightness
  • Doesn’t support Dolby’s vision


2. LG C2 Series 

This LG series has something amazing to offer for movie buffs. It has all the factors that we have listed above. It offers each and every factor. Most importantly, it is under the budget TV set. You can get the ultimate movie-watching experience of theatre in your own drawing room. LG C2 series provides you with a dimming technique with a higher resolution of 4K. This Tv is the best gaming TV among its competing brand because of its processor. Moreover, its processor is quite a high-end tech and Supports every type of app, such as prime video, HBO max, and Netflix. You must check all its features to know the product with more efficiency.


  • Have gaming features
  • Perfect motion timings
  • Multiple screen sizes are available
  • Supports multiple apps
  • Atmos Sound is less
  • Brightness issues



Sony is another most profound brand in the electronics market. They combine innovation with style. You can buy their product without doubt of its premium quality. It has a basic price range as other competing brands. Sony has manufactured so many electronics brands for years. The entry of sony in the television market has brought transformations in the market, as we have told you about innovative features. This specific product of sony comes with ultra pro features. It offers a 4K Ultra HD display with special features such as a sleep timer, light sensor, etc. Moreover, it is an OLED contrast TV that offers premium video quality. You must check all its features in the below pointers.


  • Exclusive Gaming Features
  • Perfect Black Levelling
  • Wide color gamut
  • Eliminate Judders
  • Burn-in issues
  • Too bright

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What type of TV is best for watching movies?

Ans. There are various TVs that are best for watching movies; you must buy one that provides you with high-end picture quality. We have listed the top 3 picks in the above article. You can choose any of them: SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED, LG C2 Series, Sony OLED BRAVIA. All three are of top-notch quality.

Q2. Which TV has the best video quality?

Ans. SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED has been at the top of our list because of its fantastic features. It offers a dimming feature with the best audio system and many more things. The best part of this TV is that its price is not so high that anyone can afford this product.

Q3. How do I pick a TV for a movie?

Ans. Various factors are responsible that you must consider while selecting a TV for watching movies. You must check screen resolution, audio quality,  screen size, etc.


There is no one who won’t like to watch movies from a level of homely comfort, that is best tv for watching movies. Hence, the guide is specifically crafted for that people. In the above guide, we have compiled the top 10 factors that you must consider before you go to buy the best TVs for movies. Also, we have covered the top 3 picks based on our Expert’s recommendations. You can buy any one of them if you are in a hurry. However, if you still have any queries, then you can connect us anytime.

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